Council Notes from Cincinnati (December 2017)

The minutes of the October 30, 2017 meeting were approved as written.

Discussion/Proposal – Re Archdiocesan Formation of Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion

The Archbishop of Cincinnati has asked the Office of Divine Worship and Sacraments to develop ongoing formation programs and resources to assure that all ministers in this category are well-formed in their understanding of the Eucharist and the norms that guide their distribution of Holy Communion.

The objectives of this proposal relating to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are to provide:

  • support to pastors by establishing regular formation programs in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati;
  • resources for training at the parish level;
  • training and resources for Ministers who distribute Holy Communion to the sick, homebound, and imprisoned;

Council members expressed their gratitude for this proposal and supported its implementation.

The Light Is On For You

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati will engage in the Lenten reconciliation initiative, The Light Is On For You, on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. The theme this year is “Encounter the Peace of Christ.” The objectives are to:

  • encourage parishioners to experience the love and mercy of God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation;
  • use this as an opportunity to invite those who have been away from the Sacramental life of the Church back to the Church through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Archdiocesan communication strategy will include: direct postcard mailing, digital billboards, yard signs, promotion on AOC website, Catholic Telegraph print and online. Council was very supportive of this initiative.  It was also noted that this initiative is separate and distinct and should not take the place of a parish Lenten penance service.

The results of the Election of Officers are as follows:

Fr. Todd Grogan                  Chairperson

Fr. Michael Bidwell             Vice-chairperson

Fr. Jason Bedel                   Secretary/Treasurer

Extra Clergy Help Fee Schedule

Council was asked to review the Extra Clergy Help Fee Schedule as required by the Priests’ Personnel Policies. There were a few comments to the current Schedule that became effective July 1, 2018, which will be presented to the Priestly Life Committee.

Standing Committee Reports

Priestly Life Committee met on November 16 and will meet again on January 23. Committee currently reviewing the Futures Project, dating back to 2005 and focuses on pastoral regions. Committee will also review priests’ compensation and any adjustments that might be recommended based on cost of living, housing, etc.

Round Robin

 On November 11th, Mass was celebrated in Tulsa, Oklahoma and eleven men were installed into the Ministry of Acolyte, eight of whom are studying for Cincinnati.

Some dioceses have raised the Mass stipend from $5.00 to $10.00. That may be something that the Priestly Life Committee should discuss and consider.

Next meeting:

February 12, 2018              Tele-Conference