Council Notes from Sioux City (December 2016) 

The 2017 Sioux City Council budget was passed without objection.

–  The meeting began with an extensive discussion of the diocesan Pastoral Plan, Ministry 2025. Many issues are being taken into account including how parishes will be clustered, boundary adjustments, priest personnel to support the changes, change from parish to oratory status, consideration of finances and distribution of assets, and timing of changes.

– Next, members discussed the dwindling number of marriage ceremonies over the past ten years – about a 20% decline, minutes note.  A question arose of whether it was a cultural or demographic phenomenon. Catechizing, evangelizing, and preaching elements were noted. The issue of “destination” weddings arose.  The implication of marriage without a civil license was mentioned. No conclusions were reached.

– The Personnel Board sent a survey to retired priests regarding availability and willingness for various kinds of coverage needs taking into consideration health and other circumstances. Results to be shared with the Personnel Board.

– The issue of combining special collections was discussed. Discussion at the Deanery meetings was suggested. Any changes decided upon would not take place for two years.

Finally, a suggestion was made whether it was useful, needed or a desired option to have a nurse visit priests in addition to fraternal visits. Issue to be taken up pending deanery input.