Council Notes from Owensboro (November 2016)

In his report at the November meeting of the Owensboro Council, Bishop Medley informed members that the USCCB is publishing a letter on racism in 2018 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

– Bishop invited ten pastors to join him for a “Vision day” at his home as a new forum for listening to priests. This practice will continue until all priests have been invited for the conversation.

– Minutes note the updated version of diocesan policy manual will contain information on formal priests’ reviews. The Vicar for Clergy will be consulted. This issue will be discussed further.

– A question was raised concerning whether a priest may choose to take less salary from a parish than the diocese requires and donate the excess portion to the parish. After an extensive discussion, it was determined that the priest draw a full salary then donate the portion he desires – two separate actions.

– The director of Hispanic Ministry will invited to a future meeting to address how to best accommodate undocumented immigrants who choose not to marry for fear of creating a paper trail of their activity.

–  Finally, a question from a deanery about allocation of funds addressed in the diocesan financial report was tabled until a representative of the deanery could be present.