Council Notes from New Orleans (June 2017)

The first item on the agenda of the June meeting of the New Orleans Council was vocations. The Vocation director reported there are 37 seminarians in various phases of formation. He expects 5 to 7 new men in formation in the fall.

– One member commented on reinstituting cultural liaisons to increase cultural diversity of new seminarians.

– A suggestion was made that parish vocation committee members be diverse in their representation

– An emphasis of the priests’ role in fostering vocations was noted.

–  A suggestion was made to encourage the Vocation Office to collaborate with religious communities.

– A motion to restore a mission to a parish affected by Hurricane Katrina was approved.

– The director of the Permanent Diaconate led a discussion about the process of assigning deacons to parishes.

– The director of Catholic Counseling Services provided an update on their ministry. Minutes note cost is not an impediment to providing service. Also, the goal is to offer services to other languages and to cultural backgrounds.

– A Nominating Committee was formed to select candidates for leadership for the next Council year.

– The proposed Priest Salary Schedule for the 2017-2018 fiscal year was discussed. There will be a comprehensive review of the compensation package. A moderate salary increase is being proposed. Members voted unanimously to approve the schedule.

– Auto insurance for priests was discussed.

– Finally, the Priestly Life and Ministry Committee suggested more publicity be given for the annual diocesan priests retirement fund collection.