Council Notes from New Orleans (December 2017)

(Photo: Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Below follows a summary version of the minutes of the Archdiocese of New Orleans’s Presbyteral Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 5, 2017:

  • The Superintendent of the Office of Catholic Schools spoke to the Council about parishes supporting parishioners who attend “Pre-K 4” at a school outside their parish. Agreement was reached that consistency was needed regarding admissions criteria for vouchers and support. The Council voted 16-2 in favor of providing parish voucher support at the “Pre-K 4” levels. Archbishop Aymond agreed to consider consultation.
  • The Council voted unanimously to approve revised recommendations on marketing by Catholic schools.
  • The Council voted unanimously to approve a revised policy concerning parish pastoral councils, with changes in the wording on the terms of members and an addition to the duties section requiring support for diocesan initiatives.
  • A proposal from the diaconate community concerning engagement with the disengaged (particularly those undergoing a divorce) was raised. The proposal called for deacons and other pastoral ministers to make visits to parishes on Sundays, traveling two by two, and making themselves available to meet with anyone, talk, and offer resources. The Council discussed the difficulties and benefits of such a ministry, and unanimously approved the proposal in a pilot program format.
  • A priest raised the issue of considering a policy whereby priests would be regularly evaluated for their driving ability, citing concerns over safety and financial costs related to insurance. The Council approved by consensus the moving forward of developing criteria for driving evaluation.

Next Council meeting on February 1, 2018.

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