Council Notes from Monterey (May 1, 2017)

The first item on the agenda for the May 1 of the Monterey Council meeting was the announcement of the new director of St. Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista.

– A lengthy discussion took place on the topic of sanctuary parishes. The consensus was that naming a sanctuary parish is mostly a symbolic act. Catholic Charities has been organizing forums where immigrants can receive information, talk to attorneys and receive practical assistance.

–  Members suggested that a study group be formed to make recommendations on where formation for the sacrament of Confirmation for young people should take place, either at a parish or in a Catholic high school.

–  Members discussed issues surrounding attendance at the National Association of Filipino Priests meeting later this year

– An extensive discussion took place on immigration issues. Minutes note Bishop Garcia sent the document titled “Preparing Your Family for Immigration Enforcement” in Spanish and English to all priests and deacons.  In addition, minutes note the resources of COPA (Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action) and Catholic Charities to assist refugees.

–  Four men will be ordained to the priesthood and four to the transitional diaconate.

–  The Pastoral Resource Day is being planned for August/September. It will likely be at five locations. Minutes note the goal is to develop a school of lay ministry.

– Bishop will join the newly formed Monterey County Sheriff’s Advisory Group.

– Bishop and the Chief Financial Officer will meet with the Latin Mass Community Minister.

– The hope is that the new youth minister can begin her new position in July or August.

–  Finally, minutes note planning taking place regarding the May 2018 Priests Summit. A number of suggestions were made on how to finance the summit including finding sponsors to cover some costs. Also mentioned were a combination of financing from parishes, the council, and priests themselves. The goal is to have as many priests as possible attend the summit and stay throughout the week.