Council Notes from Monterey (August 2017)

Bishop Garcia announced that two Scalabrini priests will begin ministry as pastoral administrators in the diocese.

– The Priests Retreat is scheduled for Oct. 2-6. Bishop Gordon Bennett will be the retreat director.

– Plans for celebrating the diocese’s Golden Jubilee were discussed. The Anniversary Mass will take place on Dec. 14. The diocese was established on Dec. 14, 1967.

– The new Director of Finance was introduced.

– Active plan with a committee was formed to establish a parish council in each parish.

– Nominees are being sought for the Pro-Ecclesia Award.

– An extensive discussion took place in regard to training for priests to conduct the Rite of Exorcism and Deliverance Prayer.

–  The Safe Environment Audit was positive. A suggestion was made to diocese’s charter.

– Minutes note the diocese has 27 seminarians in various phases of Formation. Suggestions were made citing ways to encourage more local vocations.

– Teams from the Faith Formation Dept. and Catholic Charities are listing resource fairs throughout the diocese to interact with parish staffs. Minutes note a focus on developing potential lay leadership and type of training/education needed.

– A follow up discussion took place about the July Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando. Minutes note ways of reaching out as missionary disciples to those on the margins. A concern was raised about V Encuentro and the Priests Summit happening at the same time. Possibility of combining events was suggested.

– A conversation took place concerning the spiritual needs of the Latino community. Minutes note as group Latinos seem especially hungry for more and varied experiences. Discussion on this will continue.

– Finally, minutes note an increase in those who kneel to receive Holy Communion. Consensus formed that clarification from Bishop Garcia is needed on this issue.