Council Notes from Louisville (October 2016)

The first item on the agenda of the October meeting of the Louisville Council was the approval of topics for Council meetings for the next year.

– An extensive discussion with the director of family ministries took place in reference to Pope Francis apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia.  Enhancing marriage preparation programs was mentioned, including dealing with couples in the military that are separated geographically, engaging widows and widowers entering subsequent marriages. Also the role of the priest in spiritual direction for a couple preparing for marriage and beyond was explored.

– Archbishop Kurtz thanked priests who are involved in prison ministry.

– Two Apostles of Jesus priests have arrived in the archdiocese.

– A possibility exists that some Evangelizing Sisters of Mary may come to serve in the Archdiocese.

– Plans are being made to hold five meetings around the Archdiocese with deacons and their spouses.

– The Chancellor remarked that the Catholic Services Appeal got off to a good start. He also talked about options for development campaigns within the Archdiocese.

– He offered that work is being done to help parishes clarify policies for when an employee’s behavior no longer makes them an authentic witness to the Catholic faith.

The Pastoral Council of the Archdiocese of Louisville [PCAL] met to evaluate and coordinate communication tools such as websites.

The Archdiocese is in full compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

– The Vicar for Priests informed members of new religious priests and sisters who have recently arrived in the Archdiocese.

– He encouraged all priests to complete the Stewardship forms.

– There could be six possible openings for pastor next year.

– CARA executive Fr. Tom Gaunt, SJ was the main speaker at he Nov. 29-30 Provincial meeting held in Owensboro.

– Region One Catholic Coalition hosted its first Filipino retreat

– ROCC reported that three new Catholic schools have opened pointing to an increase in enrollment and funding sources.

Finally, minutes of the Region VI meeting noted concern among some members about sharing information on priests’ benefits including retirement planning and unexpected healthcare costs.