Council Notes from Louisville (February 2017)

The first agenda item of the February of the Louisville Council was a suggestion from the vicar for priests that the Policy Manual for the Remuneration for Priests be updated. Suggestions include:

  • Considering an annual rather than a multi-year compensation review
  • Expenses related to supply ministry
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket health care expenses
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Required auto insurance coverage
  • Compensation for International Priests, especially those in religious communities
  • Compensation for service beyond the age of retirement
  • Vision and dental insurance.

Members were asked to discuss the issues at regional meetings and report beck at the regular meeting

  •  The chancellor gave a report on parish budgets indicating between 55% and 80% of expenses are for personnel compensation and facilities. Other issues include:
  • Ways to reduce utility expenses was mentioned
  • Funding for planned repairs may be included in the parish budget rather than a capital campaign
  • 80% of parish income comes from regular donations and 20% from special fundraising
  • Particular attention to annual financial reporting by parishes was encouraged.
  • Archbishop Kurtz reported on his trip to Vietnam
  • The topic of Saturday evening weddings was discussed. There are few impediments to a Saturday evening wedding Mass after the anticipated Mass. Minutes note that each parish can decide if they wish to offer the option of a Saturday evening wedding balancing the effort with other obligations priests have on weekends.
  • Immigration issues were discussed. Minutes note there is much fear among undocumented Hispanics about possible deportation with the unintended effect that some may hesitate to report crimes for fear of being deported.
  • The chancellor reported the Catholic Services Appeal exceeded its goal. He remarked that that first time participants in the appeal increased 2.5%
  • The vicar for priests reported the process of matching open-listed parishes with priests called to serve them is continuing.
  • A report from the regions notes a discussion encouraging Hispanic participation in the diaconate formation program.
  • Finally, challenges in pastoral care of families wishing to receive the sacraments but not fully participating in preparation for those sacraments was brought up and discussed.