Council Notes from Louisville (April 2017)

The April meeting of the Louisville began with the introduction of the new director of Catholic Charities.

– A presentation was given by the Ecumenical and Interreligious Officer for the Archdiocese. He spoke about the positive experiences of encounter citing the examples of Pope Francis’ visits to Egypt, Sweden, etc. He quoted from the Joint Declaration of the Doctrine of Justification with Lutherans and spoke of the common ground among religious denominations.

– Archbishop Kurtz spoke about the upcoming Presbyteral Assembly as an opportunity to welcome priests who are new to the Archdiocese. He also encouraged members to think about possible topics for the August Overnight meeting.

– The Chancellor spoke to members about the:

– Parish Discernment Process

– Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual

– Informed members about the positive meeting he had with Catholic High School Principals

– Drew attention to the Dominican priest who will serve as full-time Campus Ministry Chaplain at the University of Louisville

– Informed members that the Archdiocesan attorney will be at the Presbyteral Assembly to discuss legal matters impacting priests.

– The Vicar for Priests met recently with priest ordained five years or less. He spoke of their desire to be effective priests and asked members to offer them encouragement and support

– In Minutes from Region 3, examples were given of how ecumenism and interreligious dialogue plays out at the parish level, i.e., amount of preaching about Christian unity; worship in mixed marriages, etc.

– Minutes from Region 9 note a discussion regarding whether International Priests are being fairly compensated for the extra costs of being in the US, i.e., auto insurance, immigration costs, paperwork. Also, whether there is a plan for a House of Discernment that might be used by International priests to have a space for their day off.

– Finally, there was a brief discussion about how a permanent deacon at a parish can provide continuity at a parish when a pastor is changed or is overseeing more than one parish.