Council Notes from Green Bay (January 2017)

– Council members were informed that Holy Name Retreat House on Chambers Island in Door County was sold. The diocese was holding on to 26 of the 70-acre property.

– A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously passed to recommend a 2.5 percent salary increase for the upcoming fiscal year. The current business mileage rate was also approved. The term fiscal will now be in front of year.

– Members discussed the principle training/education project for the diocese.  Discipleship is the main focus and is being rolled out in two phases. Minutes note by 2020 all major stakeholders will have gone though the process.

– Discussion continued about the retired priest independent living facility at Grellinger Hall [see Council Notes, June 2016]. A survey was sent to priests 65 and older. Results showed an interest in using it as an assisted living facility. Minutes note there are currently six assisted living facilities in the diocese.

– The Parish Survey developed by a research group at St. Norbert College garnered a 50 percent response rate. Three points surfaced during Council discussion:

Ÿ Distinguish between priests and other job groups

Ÿ Extent to which council members and other priests in the field are in agreement or not

Ÿ Percent of responses that were from those between the ages of 18 and 24.

– In reference to the discussion, Bishop Ricken mentioned a book by Gary Keller, “The One Thing.” The take-away – How can leadership best serve parishes? More data will be forthcoming from the open-ended questions

– Member discussed forming a Liturgical Commission. It would have a mix of 10 to 12 members both lay and clergy.

– Finally, a member suggested a better wellness plan.