Council Notes from Green Bay (April 2017)

The April meeting of the Green Bay Council began with Bishop Ricken informing members of a consulting firm helping with strategic plan for schools. He spoke about Phase II of the Mission Map focusing on Formation in Discipleship. The connection of worship, mission, discipleship and service is critical. Administration is for service of the mission.

–  Two Council members and the director of New Evangelization circulated a worksheet about the Discipleship Phases I & II. Discipleship will be discussed at the Clergy Congress. The Clergy Congress will also look at parish culture and ways that pastors can assist parish leadership in forming a discipleship path with them. The culture we live in is critical to the conversation.

– Discussion took place on:

– What does it look like to be a community of disciples?

– What is a healthy discipleship culture?

– How would the diocesan newspaper, The Compass, look if it were presented from the discipleship culture?

            –  Alpha groups, a new evangelization tool for parishioners, were also discussed.

–  Finally, the parish survey was handed out. An important feature of the survey is how the diocesan curia can help parishes.