Council Notes from Birmingham (August 2017)

A proposal was made at the August meeting of the Birmingham Council to postpone the election of Council officers until February 2018 in light of the fact that officers can serve two consecutive terms. A motion was made and approved to retain the current slate of officers.

  • Members recommended that Catholic Charities be brought into the conversation concerning the request of the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus Christ, a public association of the faithful to establish a ministry in the diocese. The Brazilian-based association has an outpost in Kansas City, KS
  • A discussion took place in reference to the diocesan evangelization program. Suggestions from the July Orlando Convocation of Catholic Leaders event were mentioned.  Discipleship training, outreach to youth small groups and high school students is key. was listed as a resource.  Bishop Baker added that stewardship and mission needed to be emphasized as well.
  • Minutes referred to a discussion regarding a recent meeting focusing on financing/subsidizing Catholic schools. Funding is tenuous in some cases. A suggestion was made to have some parishes without schools to partner with struggling schools. Other models beside the parish model of schools are on the table. Transportation choice to a central school location is important, as is civic support.
  • Members then discussed health insurance for retired priests. A suggestion was made to consult retired priests. Various features of the different policies were noted. A motion was made and passed to move forward. Implementation effective Jan. 1, 2018.
  • A program called Telemedicine for diocesan employees was discussed.
  • Finally, a new way to calculate Paid Time Off was discussed. Vacation and sick time would be wrapped into the new formulation.  A motion was made and unanimously passed to recommend the new formulation.