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Confidence – Do You Have Enough? | 3/16/18

In Fr. Dennis Lewandowski’s search for new methods to motivate both himself and his parish staff, he found an article that prompted self-analysis.  Fr. Dennis […]

Young people seen as urgent crisis at Notre Dame pre-synod conference | 3/16/18

A great deal of dialogue is being exchanged among Church leaders regarding ways to curtail the number of young Catholics leaving the faith they were […]

Fr. Thomas Berg: “Welcoming the Wounded” | 3/16/18

“To those who have been hurt by the Church, we must acknowledge their pain and be a witness to Christ’s tenderness,” Father Thomas Berg wrote […]

Dear regular Mass-goers: the seats at the end of the pew aren’t for you. | 3/16/18

Jesuit Father Jack Bentz knows the drill: “I was raised Catholic. I know the strategy. The first-class seats are at the end of the pew.” […]

Catholic leaders praise Stephen Hawking for his contribution to science and dialogue | 3/16/18

Catholic leadership globally paid tribute to Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author, following his death on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at the age of […]