An inquiry – pastors in transition

NFPC received an inquiry this week from a Midwestern diocese. The diocese is inquiring if there are written resources or documents that would help a parish in transition from one pastor to another. In this case the current pastor is much loved by parishioners and retiring.  At this point the parish is not looking for a program or workshop for new pastors. Rather, they are seeking a summary of “best practices” or a framework for topics that should be included in a discussion for the transition process.

If any of our subscribers or readers know of dioceses or parishes that have developed a process for pastors in transition, please contact our office at: [email protected], or call during business hours, Mon. – Fri. 8:30-4:30 CDT, 1(888) 271-6372 [NFPC]. We will share the information with the inquiring diocese.