A message from Fr. Clete Kiley, founder Priest-Labor Initiative:

Yale graduate student teachers form union, university stonewalling them

Father Clete Kiley reports that graduate student teachers at Yale University in New Haven, CT have formed a union with the support of the National Labor Relations Board. The university is stonewalling the enterprise and as a result, 8 of the student teachers have initiated a 30-day fast. Before the fast began, Fr. Clete participated in a retreat for the fasters. They are now in the 14th day of the fast. Fr. Kiley is also Director for Immigration Policy for Unite Here.

The graduate student teachers have received support from both Connecticut US Senators and Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro. They are also joined by other workers, neighbors, local clergy and congregations.

NFPC is reaching out to Catholic priests in the area who would be able to make a show of support and pray with the student fasters. Fr. Clete is working together with Father Timothy Meehan of St. Bernadette Parish in New Haven to find a day where priests could stand in solidarity with the Yale student teachers for no more than one hour.

For more information contact, Fr. Clete Kiley: [email protected].