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To Whom It May Concern,

I am interested in being considered as a featured speaker at your 2018 Annual Convocation. For the past three years I’ve been working with parishes and dioceses on using social media to engage their members. The C-3 Technology Conference in August has invited me to speak and I will be presenting two sessions on the topic. What would be your process for submitting a proposal for consideration.

Peace of Christ be with YOU!

2017 National Diocesan Survey: Salary and Benefits for Priests and Lay Personnel (PDF)

The survey was commissioned by the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators (NACPA) and the National Federations of Priests’ Councils (NFPC). It was conducted in the winter of 2017 by theCenter for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA).

When you “Click to order” you will be taken to the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators Online Store. Next to “Merchandise rates.” Select: “2017 National Diocesan Survey – NFPC member” for the NFPC price: $595.00 for the PDF.

There will be an option on the NACPA Online Store page to order the Survey in print format.

Click to Order

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Has the NFPC ever done any work on the great number of us priests who have been falsely accused of child abuse? I know of a great number of priests who have had their faculties removed, their name tarnished and their diocese giving them little or no support in their efforts to clear their names. Many dioceses have so called “review boards” in name only. Many do not function at all. Bishops often look the other way saying they are following the “Dallas Charter” while ignoring the priests asking for his support. In my small diocese we have three of us still living who have been falsely accused. The Bishop has turned the matter over to a young V.G. who is “over his head” in work. All of our accusations go back to over 50 years ago. I would like to know if the NFPC has ever done any advocacy in this regard.
Sincerely, Dennis Becker (retired….Diocese of New Ulm and a former member of the NFPC Board)

Please change my mailing address effective immediately
St. Catherine of Siena Church
9200 SW 107th Ave.
Miami, FL 33176

St. Peter Church
31300 Overseas Hwy
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

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