Social Justice Resource Center

The Social Justice Resource Center is a website that offers a variety of information on topics of importance to the peace and social justice ministry of the Church. Topics include:

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Please Stop Laughing at Me… One Woman’s Inspirational Story

Please Stop Laughing at Me… One Woman’s Inspirational Story, by Jodee Blanco.

The topic of  “bullying” occupies much news space these days on various platforms. Jodee is a survivor, expert and activist on the subject of bullying.  In this memoir she chronicles how she was shunned and even physically abused by classmates from elementary through high school. Jodee was a plenary speaker at the recent NACPA (National Association of Church Personnel Administrators) Convocation held in Nashville, TN, April 30-May 2. What was learned is that bullying as an “equal opportunity” affliction that is not only specific to children and teens, but includes parents, bosses (supervisors), employees, and church personnel, etc. Available for $14.99 from Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, Inc. 57 Littlefield St., Avon, MA 02322. For quantity discounts call: (800) 289-0963. Website: Also available at:

The Source of all Love: Catholicity and the Trinity

In The Source of all Love: Catholicity and the Trinity, Heidi Russell suggests that Catholics need to move from an understanding of the Trinity as “two men and a bird” to a more contemporary and scientific expression of the Trinity as explicated in this book –– Source of Love, Word of Love, and Spirit of Love. The 192-page volume is divided into seven chapters:

  1. Enfolded Wholeness––Creation and Trinity
  2. From Being to Love
  3. The Trinity and Scripture
  4. Patristic Images of the Trinity
  5. The Trinitarian Theology of Karl Rahner
  6. From a Social Analogy to the Analogy of Love
  7. Conclusion: Catholicity = Wholeness of Love

The volume is based on evolutionary concepts developed by Ilia DiLeo, OSF, a theologian with doctoral degrees in science and theology. Readers will come to see the interconnectedness of human beings, God, and the universe. A rigorous, yet compelling read. Available for $27.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

The Baby in Mommy’s Tummy

The Baby in Mommy’s Tummy, by Michelle Cole, illustrated by ISz is a 32-page hardcover designed to help older siblings learn about an unborn baby’s growth and bond with their new sibling before the birth and see God’s creating had in the process of gestation.  Scripture quotes are from The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition, by Eugene Peterson.  This volume fills a gap in that while there are a variety of resources for new parents that teach about the development that occurs before a baby is born, there is a lack of similar resources for younger family members. Available for $16.95 from ACTA Publications, 4848 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640. Tel: (800) 397-2282. E-mail: [email protected]. Website:

Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy

In Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy, Anne Lamott proclaims, “Mercy is radical kindness.” It is “not deserved,” she notes. “Mercy, grace, forgiveness, and compassion are synonyms, and approaches we might consider taking when facing a great big mess, especially the great big mess of ourselves––our arrogance, greed, poverty, disease, prejudice.”  Lamott is a favorite of many priests. Her words are woven throughout with Scriptural passages and images. She knows the imperfect world well. The title comes from Candi Staton’s gospel song, “halluljah anyway.” ”Hallelujah that in spite of it all, there is love, singing, nature laughing, mercy.” Available for $20.00 from Riverhead Books, a division of Penguin Random House Publishers. Click here to order book from the publisher.

Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics

In Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics, Father Thomas Berg examines how the church has wittingly or unwittingly hurt its members. Fr. Berg begins with his own story of joining the Legionaires of Christ and then finding out the chilling revelations of its founder, Marcial Maciel Degollado’s abuse of seminarians and his leading a double life. Fr. Berg’s experience with the Legionaires sets the tone for the entire book. He was hurt and his faith shaken to the core. With this, Fr. Berg provides a psychologically wise and spiritually profound path forward for Catholics who have been abused, traumatized, or wounded by other Catholics — especially those in leadership. Chapter 10 on how to recover one’s belief in and love for the Church is worth the price of the book alone, write Sherry Weddell, author of Forming Intentional Disciples. Available for $15.95 from Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, 200 Noll Plaza, Huntington, IN. 46750. Tel: (800) 348-2440.  Fax: (800) 498-6709. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

The Joy of Religious Pluralism: A Personal Journey

The Joy of Religious Pluralism: A Personal Journey, by Peter C. Phan is basically his response to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s investigation of his book Being Religious Interreligiously begun in 2005. What is important in this volume is that while Phan gives a spirited affirmation of methods of Asian theology, which is rooted in the gospel and the deposit of faith, he acknowledges it differs in many respects from the assumptions and categories of traditional European theology. The book is divided into six chapters:

  1. How It All Began
  2. Different Ways of Doing Theology
  3. Divine Spirit
  4. Jesus Christ, the Unique and Universal Savior
  5. Holy Pagans in Other Holy Religions
  6. Church and Mission.

Available for $35.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Protecting God’s children

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. Catholic News Service has a blog dedicated to protecting children. Currently, their blog site has ten articles dedicated to different facets of protecting the most vulnerable. Some of the topics include:

  • Taking stock of stereotypes
  • Being our brother’s keeper
  • Healing needs listening, respect, justice
  • Overcoming resistance to usher in positive change
  • How loving families, strong social support can help
  • Warning signs of potential abusers
  • and more

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James Martin: Essential Writings

James Martin: Essential Writings, Selected with an Introduction by James T. Keane is from the Modern Spiritual Masters Series of Orbis Books. Sources from Father Martin’s collection include those from his best-selling books, his articles for America, and his essays from sources as diverse as the Huffington Post and Portland Magazine. His reflections and insights touch on everything from prayer to depression to sexuality to finding one’s individual path to holiness. Along the way he introduces the reader to saints and sages ranging from Thomas Merton to Mother Teresa to his wise nephew Charles.  The volume is divided into an Introduction: The Call of the King, and four parts:

  1. Motions of the Soul: Spirituality and Prayer
  2. God in All Things: The Divine in Daily Life
  3. The Care of Souls: Solidarity with the Suffering and the Wounded
  4. More by Deeds than Words: Models of Holiness

Available for $22.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity

Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity, by Father Ronald Rolheiser, OMI is now available in paperback. A sequel to his highly acclaimed book, The Holy Longing, Sacred Fire is divided into three parts. Part One – a Vision of Discipleship, Part Two – Mature Discipleship: The Struggle to Give Our Lives Away, and Part Three – Radical Discipleship: The Struggle to Give Our Deaths Away. The Holy Longing helps readers  “get our lives together” and achieve an essential discipleship. In the Preface Fr. Rolheiser addresses the intent of this work: “How can we live less self-centered, more mature lives? What constitutes deep maturity and how do we reach that place? And, What constitutes a more adult Christian discipleship, a truly mature following of Jesus?”  Available for $15.00 from Image Books, a Division of Random House, Inc. 12264 Oracle Blvd. Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. Tel: (800) 733-3000. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: