National Diocesan Survey: Salary and Benefits for Priests and Lay Personnel – 2017

The National Diocesan Survey: Salary and Benefits for Priests and Lay Personnel – 2017 is now available through the NFPC Bookstore tab on the NFPC website. The Survey is being sold as PDF by the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators [NACPA]. An option is available to order a print copy.

The National Diocesan Survey encompasses three previous studies, the National Diocesan Salary Survey and the National Church Employee Benefits Survey by NACPA and The Laborer Is Worthy of His Hire by NFPC. The survey was conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) during the winter of 2017.

176 dioceses and archdioceses in the United States were invited to participate in the gathering information for the Survey. In the end 80 usable responses resulted, a rate of 46 percent.

Both NACPA and NFPC are confident that the information in survey is key to helping diocesan leaders provide a more just and equitable work environment for both priest and lay personnel.

The data in this Survey is organized by region, size of Catholic population in the arch / diocese, staff size of the arch / diocese, and the estimated operating budget of central offices, excluding Catholic Charities.

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The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization Crisis

The title, The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization Crisis, by Carrie Gress, Ph.D. may lead you to think, “Oh this must be a sequel to Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option.” But it’s not. The volume offers fresh insights to the Virgin Mary’s influence and intercession. Using history, theology and cultural, awareness, Gress brings to light the details of Mary’s role in major geopolitical shifts. The volume is divided into four parts:

Part I – Mary and the Creative Minorities

Part II – Mary’s Geopolitical Influence

Part III – Who Is This Women?

Part IV – Living the Marian Option.

Available in hardcover for $27.95 from St. Benedict’s Press/Tan Books, P.O. Box 410487. Charlotte, NC 28241. Tel: (800) 437-5876. Fax: (815) 226-7770. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics

The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics, edited by Yui Sing Lucas Chan, James F. Keenan, and Ronaldo Zacharias is a collection of essays on Catholic Biblical Ethics. It is the fifth book in a series published by Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church. This volume takes up “meta-ethical” questions in doing Catholic theological ethics, namely, the place of the Bible as a source of moral wisdom. The book brings together distinct voices from numerous cultures and language groups. The 23 essays are divided three parts:

Part I – Foundational Concerns

Part II – Perspectives

Part III – The Bible and Contemporary Ethical Issues

Available for $45.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Church, Faith, Future: What We Face, What We Can Do

In Church, Faith, Future: What We Face, What We Can Do, Father Louis J. Cameli lays out what he describes as urgent challenges in the life of the church at this time. In the Preface he states, “It is no exaggeration to say that we stand at a critical juncture that deeply challenges humanity, the church and faith itself.” It is a rather sobering picture. Drawing on philosophy, history, cultural analysis, and sociology, Fr. Cameli identifies several ways to cope with the situation. Using one example among others of a thriving parish he once pastored, but due to an aging population, changing demographics, faced a decline in members and income Fr. Cameli formulated steps that correspond to four questions, which form the chapters of the book:

Chapter 1. – What Can We Expect?
Chapter 2. – Is There Anything Unexpected That We Could Possibly Expect?
Chapter 3 – What Can We Do?
Chapter 4 – What Ought We Do?

A poignant Afterword by Cardinal Blase J. Cupich follows. Available for $19.95 Liturgical Press, 2950 St. John’s Rd., P.O. Box 7500, Collegeville, MN 56321. Tel: (800) 858-5450. Fax: (800) 445-5899. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Conscience & Catholic Health Care: From Clinical Context to Government Mandates

Conscience & Catholic Health Care: From Clinical Context to Government Mandates, edited by David E. DeCosse and Thomas A. Nairn, OFM, is a collection of essays that provide a timely and up-to-date assessment of the Catholic understanding of conscience and how it relates to day-to-day issues in Catholic health care. The essays were drawn from a two-day symposium held in February 2016 at Santa Clara University. The contributors explore a wide range of topics, including end-of-life care, abortion and sterilization, and the role of Catholic ethics particularly in hospital settings. In addition to the editors, contributors include Ron Hamel, Anne E. Patrick, Roberto Dell’Oro, Lisa Fullam, Kristin E. Heyer, John J. Paris, M. Patrick Moore, Jr., Cathleen Kaveny, Lawrence J. Nelson, Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, Gerald Coleman, Margaret R. McLean, Shawnee M. Daniels-Sykes, and Carol Taylor. With insights from key figures this book will serve as a useful text and reference for medical students and practitioners as well as a resource for ethics boards and chaplains in Catholic hospitals, most especially those merging with secular health institutions. Available for $35.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Nicholas Gilroy: Our Lady and the Guardian

The self-published Nicholas Gilroy: Our Lady and the Guardian, by Fr. Stephen and Deacon George is 112-page novel about a 14 year-old boy who discerns a call to the priesthood. He leads a somewhat protected life being homeschooled and then enters a high school seminary. There he runs into some interesting characters including an intimidating vice-rector. There are other supportive friends and faculty that help Nicholas improve his self- image. It’s the second half of the book that supplies the real drama, adventure and confrontation with the “Guardians.” In the end, though, through the intercession of Virgin Mary questions are answered and positive decisions are made. Father Stephen Gemme is a priest of the Diocese of Worcester. Available for $24.88 at To order, click here.

Monday Eucharist: Connecting Sunday Liturgy with Daily Work and Relationships

In our “hyper” fractured and secularized world, National Center for the Laity founder William L. Droel offers thoughtful ways of giving meaning to Mondays and the rest of the week by understanding Sunday Eucharist as a weeklong reality.  In Monday Eucharist: Connecting Sunday Liturgy with Daily Work and Relationships, Droel writes in the Introduction, “I contend that the Eucharist can provide a perspective, a lens, a pair of glasses, a map, even an engine to give order and meaning to the seemingly isolated and routine events of life.” Throughout the 86-page volume he examines how to understand and live the Eucharist and to be sensitive to the meaning embedded in the daily routines and institutions of the world. Available for $9.95 from ACTA Publications, 4848 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640. Tel: (800) 397-2282. E-mail: [email protected]. Website:

Pope Francis: Morning Homilies IV

Pope Francis: Morning Homilies IV is the fourth volume in a series of the pope’s spoken word at Casa Santa Marta, where for most of the year he celebrates daily Mass. The current volume is drawn from homilies given from July through November 2014.  As in the past three volumes, the pope focuses in on familiar themes of mercy and forgiveness, the role of Jesus the Savior, the danger of a church closed in on itself, and the gospel as a source of life and joy reverberate throughout. As Orbis publisher Robert Ellsberg states in the Preface, “Here is not the voice of the pontiff addressing the cares of the world, the universal church, or even the Church of Rome, but a pastor sharing the Word of God with his immediate flock.” Available or $18.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

Be Still and Know: Zen & the Bible

Be Still and Know: Zen & the Bible, by Ruben L.H. Habito is a book that examines the relationship between the Christian Bible and Zen Buddhism. The volume emerged out of a series of talks offered at the Osage Monastery and Forest of Peace in Sand Springs, Okla. over a period of several years. Many of the participants were Catholic from other Christian denominations, some not practicing or from other assorted religious and non-religious backgrounds. The author’s schooling of Zen Buddhist practice in Japan together with his nearly twenty-five years as a member of the Jesuits made him eminently qualified to lead the retreats. This book is an inspiration of those retreats. Chapters include:

  1. Be Still and Know (Psalm 46)
  2. My Cup Overflows (Psalm 23)
  3. The Treasure That Is You (Mt. 13: 44-46)
  4. Blessed Are You (Mt. 5: 1-3, 8-9)

Available for $24.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site:

The Priest Barracks: Dachau, 1938-1945

History leaves out a lot of information. Not because events didn’t happen, but rather other events gain attention. For readers who thrive on European history especially preceding and through World War II, this volume, The Priest Barracks: Dachau, 1938-1945, by Guillaume Zeller is a must-read. Between 1938 and 1945 over 2,500 Roman Catholic priests, monks, and seminarians were incarcerated at the Dachau concentration camp, about 10 miles from Munich, Germany. About half were Polish; others came from Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg, Yugoslavia, and 25 from other Eastern European nations. More than a third of the priests in the “priest block” died there. This 280-page book chronicles many of their heroic stories. Besides recounting the moving episodes, the book sheds light on Hitler’s system of concentration s camps and the intrinsic-anti-Christian animus of Nazism. Available for $16.95 from Ignatius Press, 2515 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94118. Tel: (800) 651-1531. Website: