Fr. Tony speaks on Spirit Radio (Nebraska), Spirit Mornings with Jen Brown and Bruce McGregor, December 5, 2016

spirit-mornings-jpegIn a brief but informative interview on Spirit Mornings radio show, Father Tony introduces what a priest council is, and how the NFPC supports all councils, historically and today.

Historically, the NFPC has made major inroads for priests, including regular salaries, benefits, due process, and priests’ personnel boards to name a few.  Today NFPC’s focus is on communication: breaking free of the “silos” of parishes and dioceses, reaching out to one another to address new issues facing priests, such as retirement issues, priests’ shortages, and welcoming international priests.

A capstone of this focus on reaching out and discussing issues is our National Convocation of Priests, held this year in Anaheim CA.  Fr. Tony feels it is like a ‘family reunion’ of brothers in Christ, truly a highlight of our work (details on our website).

Fr. Tony included a shout out to NFPC Board Member, Fr. Bryan Ernest from Grand Island, NE.

When asked how the laity can help their priests, Fr. Tony said first of all make them a meal; even if the priest enjoys cooking, they often don’t have time.  When it comes to the convocation, let your priests know they can leave for a few days and things will be fine; give them permission to get away.  He suggests it might also be helpful to take up a collection to help him with costs associated with attending the convocation.

Fr. Tony’s past with the U.S. Navy on a ballistic missile submarine has taught him organization skills and attention to detail, and also that no matter what happens in the parish, it will all work out because: “We’re not launching missiles!” Nobody is going to die; just take a breath.