Fr. Tony Cutcher talks with Gus Lloyd on the Catholic Channel’s Seize the Day, October 5, 2016

catholic-channel-soundcloud-logoFather Tony talks to listeners about his journey to the vocation of priesthood, which led to his serving as the current President of the NFPC.  He describes NFPC’s history and what they do today in service to all priests and bishops.

Father Tony goes on to stress the importance of the relationship between bishops and priests, as well as the importance of putting the right priest with the right parish, both areas in which NFPC offers programs.

He describes how NFPC addresses the vocation issue by supporting retention of current priests.  NFPC also assists with communication channels, and offers an opportunity for priests to relax and rejuvenate with brother priests through the yearly Convocation for all Priests, this year April 24-27, 2017 in Anaheim, CA.

Gus Lloyd closes by repeating Fr. Tony’s suggestion to let your parish priest know how much you appreciate him!