ACP Coordinating Board Award presented to NFPC

In accepting one of the 2017 Association of Chicago Priests Coordinating Board Awards on Feb. 26, NFPC president, Father Tony Cutcher, thanked ACP for charting the course for the founding of NFPC.  Father Cutcher, who drove in from Dayton, Ohio to receive the award, acknowledged the thrust of Vatican II, especially its Decree on Priestly Life and Ministry, Presbyterorum Ordinis, to form “a body or Senate …. to give the bishop effective assistance in the administration of the diocese.” This was Vatican II’s call for the formation of diocesan presbyteral councils. NFPC took ACP’s idea and made it national forming a National Federation of Priests’ Councils. The award was presented at ACP’s 50th annual Mardi Gras.

NFPC was founded in Chicago in 1968. Father Pat O’Malley, a founder of ACP was NFPC’s first president. Father O’Malley died in 2013 at the age of 81.

Many services in place today that affect bishops and priests in their lives and work are present because of the prompting, sharing of resources, and advocacy of NFPC including: due process, priest personnel assignment, priests’ compensation, income tax and retirement issues and much more.

The Association of Chicago Priests, a charter member of NFPC, took the first steps in bringing these issues front and center in light of Vatican II’s teaching. NFPC took the ball and moved it up the court and currently represents 69 diocesan presbyteral councils.

The Coordinating Board awards are presented to individuals and groups within the Archdiocese in recognition and appreciation for their outstanding contributions to the life of the Church of Chicago.