Annual Drive Letter 2016

Winter 2016

My dear brothers in Christ,

A blessed and relaxing winter season to all!

As I unwind after the many preparations and celebrations surrounding the solemnity of the birth of Christ, I find myself sitting quietly in my office, enjoying the silence and space that being alone allows me.

But how many more times does being alone as a priest feel more like loneliness?

Multiple parishes, fewer priests, budget woes, these have all contributed to our sense of isolation, especially from our brother priests.

Technology actually adds to the isolation.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram let us make brief comments or share pictures and we feel like we’re keeping in touch, but they are really no substitute for getting together to really talk and share experiences and encourage each other’s ministries.

As a busy, hard-working parish priest, you don’t have time to figure out ways to break the isolation.  So how do you stay connected without a lot of effort? You could probably use a sort of behind-the-scenes force that promotes community and fraternity.

NFPC can be that for you!  Your bishop and presbyteral council will be strengthened to better support you. Your personnel board will gain insights to put you in the best parish assignment for your needs and gifts.  We can keep you up to date with what’s happening in the Catholic news world with our weekly e-letter, NFPC This Week, sent to your inbox every Sunday.

Most importantly, we provide you a National Convocation of Priests, including excellent speakers, practical topics, and in depth discussion, as well as time for prayer and fellowship and rest: a time to gather with priests from across the U.S. –  to break the isolation, to rejuvenate and refresh in communion with brother priests.

NFPC is here for you.  We are that behind-the-scenes organization offering you ways out of isolation and loneliness and into brotherhood and solidarity.

Use us.  We are here for you. Learn more at

Your financial support of our mission is vital. Please be generous so we can continue to be your behind-the-scenes workers to break the isolation.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Anthony E. Cutcher

P.S. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this year’s convocation – details can be found here.

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