2016 NFPC Convocation Priests’ Councils’ Input Survey

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  • A. How can NFPC best serve the U.S. Presbyterate?

    Three years ago, the NFPC Board updated our Mission and Vision statements. We are currently exploring how we can update what we offer to the U.S. presbyterate.

    What we do today to fulfill our mission will be different from what was needed in the past. Because we are no longer dealing with the more volatile issues (due process, priest personnel assignment, continuing education, in-depth research), our support now is often more “behind-the-scenes.” Because of that, in many cases, we have become somewhat invisible to the presbyterate.

    We offer four excellent programs, a weekly e-letter with news and other information, connection with all arch/diocesan priests’ councils, sharing of Council Notes, a website and social media presence, a Tax Guide for priests, research work with CARA, the Touchstone periodical, Priest-Labor Initiative, and the yearly National Convocation. Moreover, we are a clearinghouse for information, a place to call and ask for speaker recommendations or for connections between councils to share program ideas or questions.