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2013 Income Tax Guide For Clergy now available

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz appointed to Congregation for the Oriental Churches

Pope Francis named Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Oriental Churches. The announcement was made on Feb. 19. In addition, Pope Francis appointed Archbishop William Skurla of the Ruthenian Archeparchy of Pittsburgh to the same Congregation.

The Congregation for Oriental Churches also referred to as the Congregation for Eastern Churches assists the Eastern churches throughout the world and the Latin-rite dioceses of the Middle East.

According to a posting on the archdiocesan website (Feb. 20, 2014), Archbishop Kurtz is the first or possibly the second leader to serve as a member of a Vatican congregation. Father Dale Cieslik, archivist for the Archdiocese of Louisville said Archbishop Martin John Spalding, who led the Louisville diocese from 1850 to 1864 (before it was elevated to an archdiocese and before he became Archbishop of Baltimore), might have served on a Vatican congregation. But whether or not he did was unknown as of The Record’s deadline, the archdiocesan newspaper, on Feb. 19. The posting goes on to note that the appointment won’t change the archbishop’s duties in the US.

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New Philippines cardinal takes cue from Pope Francis


Photo courtesy of the National Catholic Reporter

Newly installed Philippine Cardinal Orlando Quevedo says the church must fundamentally reorient itself to place its institutions and financial resources at the service of the world’s poor. “The origin of the church is poverty,” said the cardinal, “And the journey with Christ was the journey with poor people.”

Cardinal Quevedo is archbishop of Cotabato, located in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. The area is known for struggles with high rates of poverty and near equal populations of Catholics and Muslims (48 and 47 percent, respectively). Noting that more than 50 percent of the people in his archdiocese live below the poverty line, Quevedo said the idea of the church becoming “a church for the poor” is “not extraneous to the beginning and the core of what the church should be.”

According to the National Catholic Reporter, (Feb. 24, 2014) the cardinal held a press briefing in the basement of the Pontifical Filipino College in Rome. He said his expectations for his new role “is not one of honor, one of privilege, one of power.” He went on to state, “I would like to be as I was before: simple, approachable, no formality, and just go out to the people. I would like to continue doing that.”

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Helena diocese reports on its first Priests’ Retirement Appeal

HelenaRetireThe January 24, 2014 online edition of The Montana Catholic reported on the Helena diocese’s first Priests’ Retirement Appeal. So far the appeal has garnered over $186,000 from 1,625 gifts through the direst mail or through the collection held in parishes Sept. 7 and 8.

The majority of these gifts were between $25 and $500 with a small percentage of gifts being greater than $999, while representing one-third of the funds raised through the appeal envelope.

Bishop George L. Thomas said, “Each gift, small or large, is an expression of gratitude for the years of service given by each of our priests. Our priests have offered prayers and pastoral care of the parish communities in the Diocese of Helena. Everyone in our diocese is welcome, through this appeal, to honor the work of a lifetime given by those we have called ‘Father.’”

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