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FEMA Shift Opens Door to Disaster Funds for Religious Groups

Earlier this year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reversed its long-standing policy of excluding religious … [Read More...]

Flu Season Prompts Dioceses to Take Measures at Mass

In the wake of the current flu epidemic, several United States Dioceses have issued precautionary guidelines to avoid … [Read More...]

Open letter calls on Vatican to rethink China deal, calling it a “regrettable mistake”

During the past week, several news stories have been circulating reporting that the Vatican has reached an agreement with the … [Read More...]

Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign Revived After 50 Years

Fifty years following the memorable strike by Sanitation Workers in Memphis, Tennessee, two social justice advocacy groups … [Read More...]

2018 Chinese New Year

On Friday, February 16, millions of people globally (particularly in the Far East) will welcome in the 2018 Chinese New Year, … [Read More...]

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