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Priest-Labor News

As more and more municipalities pass legislation to substantially increase wages among minimum-wage workers, labor advocates see the possibility of a hollow victory if the promise of higher pay doesn’t become a reality.

A New York Times (July 26, 2015) analysis notes “the question of enforcement is particularly important given that the increases are coming primarily at the local level, which means that a business could be required to pay substantially more than its counterpart a few blocks away.”

The analysis cites a survey conducted in 2009 by researchers at UCLA and the University of Illinois at Chicago that indicates for decades enforcement of wage rules has relied on complaints from employees, either in the form of a lawsuit or a formal complaint to state and federal authorities.

The analysis goes on to inform readers that in California, there is a claim about wage theft filed every four minutes, according to Julie Su, the state’s labor commissioner

In Los Angeles, there aren’t enough investigators to keep up with the task.

For the entire NY Times analysis, click here.

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