Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich welcomes
NFPC’s National Convocation of Priests
encouraging NFPC’s work & stressing
“No Bowling Alone”

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Top Five Takeaways from ‘Gaudete et Exsultate’

America Magazine published Fr. James Martin's reflections on Pope Francis' Apostolic Encyclical "Call to Holiness."  Fr. … [Read More...]

Cubans, US Exiles Connect To Help Rebuild Cuba’s Catholic Church

For the first time in the lives of most Cubans, a man whose surname is not Castro will lead the Communist-controlled nation.  … [Read More...]

Commentary on BBC Series “Broken”

In sharing his reflections on the BBC television series "Broken," Fr. Joel Warden,  commented: "What makes a good priest?  Is … [Read More...]

Fr. Jim Hewes Re: Pastoral Transitions

Fr. Jim Hewes, a Priest in the Diocese of Rochester, is a frequent contributor to the NFPC This Week E-letter.  This week Fr. … [Read More...]

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